Celiac / Gluten Free Baking

Gluten Free Doughnut Recipes

Today I tried the two highest ranked gluten free doughnut recipes on google for my husband to take to work tomorrow. One recipe was a fried, the other baked. Both delicious… I was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago (I can’t eat gluten) since then, I haven’t had a doughnut. Ironically I’m pretty sure it was being in the carnival three years ago and binging on doughnuts and other gluten-ly delicious carnival foods that sent me to the hospital and, ultimately diagnosed with Celiac.

Anyways today I made doughnuts, they were gluten free but I would have never guessed!

Gluten Free Doughnut #1- Baked Doughnut

They were easy to make, not much mess, and ecstatically pleasing. Though they were fluffier and more cake like (unlike the second batch that taste more like the carnival)

cake 1


Gluten Free Doughnut #2-Carnival Style

They were more laborious, messier, and I’m pretty sure our apartment (and my hair) will smelled like fried sweets for the next three weeks… But worth it. The recipe calls to coat them in powdered sugar, and that was my personal favorite way, I also topped some with chocolate and some with frosting, just because I thought they’d be prettier. This recipe turned out flatter and crisper than the first recipe, but tasted spot on like the ones you get at the carnival.  My biggest neg about this recipe was that we had to go to two different grocery stores to find xanthan gum. Happy baking! 🙂



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