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What To Expect When Attending Magic in Vegas

This was my first year attending Magic in Las Vegas. As a first time attendee, and not taking a veterian vistor, I found the event overwhelming and under explained.  Even after going five pages deep into a google search on what to expect at Magic, I found nothing. Thus it was paramount that I make this post. (I made an earlier post going into detail about our trip you can read more on that here) but this post is more of a survival/how to guide.

The biggest trick I learned is that you just might be able to attend Magic for free. Are you a fashion blogger? Or Facebook/Instagram “famous?” I suppose those would have to be your hobbies to want to go to a convention like this, and if you are that just might be your ticket to a free ticket. Apply as press, bring a business card that states you are press and there you have it. If not ticket run $500.

Once you are in the door, the most important things are:

  1. wear flats
  2. bring a small rolling suitcase
  3. Have a portable phone charger
  4. Ask before taking photos
  5. bring cash for the last day
  6. omit the Magic after parties

1) I’m not playing around on this one. I wore heels working in the costume department on a movie set for 17 hours, but I would not wear heels to this convention. Trust me, it’s not worth it. Plus it’s a great opportunity to rock your latest Yeezy’s or cooled pair of Jordans.

2) The rolling suitcase it clutch so you aren’t stuck carrying a bag full of freebees and handouts. Plus you could put a small cooler with adult beverages and snacks. Because one thing they don’t tell you is food is out of the way, and you’d be lucky to find the time for it. Best to have snack on hand.

3) You’ll need a portable charger because the iPhone is a pile of shit and until they can design one that lasts longer than a bowel movement, your safest bet is to have an option on hand so you can Facebook live and Instagram story until you’re blue in the face. Because what’s the point in going if you can’t rub it into everyones face of how fashion savvy you are am I right? 🙂

4) Something no one tells you, but vendors can be real assholes about. There aren’t any signs saying no photos, but it is assumed you will ask before photgraphing. (More so in the shoe exhibits, but also in the clothing. Everyone is so afraid of being knocked off)

I also  recommend getting a good map, checking out the exibits at Mandalay Bay first (the convention center second if you have time) and bring lots of cash for the last day of the convention. The last day keep a keen eye out for vendors selling goods and be prepaired to barter!

Lastly, don’t go to the after parties hosted by Magic. They are wack and a waste of time, instead spend your evenings relaxing and enjoying a show (note most of the good shows don’t show Wednesday or Thursday, so book it for the first night of the convention. Perhaps spend an evening walking the shops at the Wynn touching up on what the high end houses are buying for the current season, or relaxing in your room. These days are draining and you will need your down time.

Outfit ideas, and looks I wore at this Spring 2017’s Magic:

(pockets are clutch to have business cards and phone at easy access)


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