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My First Experience At Magic in Las Vegas

When my boss Sonya Berg (of ZenFashionista) told me we were going to Vegas for Magic, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement! I first heard about Magic back in 2013 when I started my own t-shirt company Nasty, and a friend that was in the know told me we should take it to the Magic clothing convention and try to get the label picked up. Magic is a convention where anything from start up labels to well known brands  bring pieces from their upcoming and current collections to showcase for buyers from small boutiques to big box retailers like Nordstrom in essentially a global marketplace. The convention runs Tuesday-Thursday, below I will walk you through our first experience.

Monday Night we took off from San Diego to Las Vegas.

When traveling I prefer to bring one big suitcase and a small carry on. I always wear boots (I don’t like to go through security barefoot) comfortable pants/leggings and I wear any hat that might get squished in a suitcase.

We stayed at the Wynn and Sonya got us the beautiful salon suite:

We checked in, settled in our suite and were ready for opening day of Magic the next morning!


The convention runs 10am-6pm and is split between Mandalay Bay and the Las Vegas convention center. Sonya and I are late risers, so we didn’t make it to the convention center until around 3pm. The first day we just got registered, got our badges, and scoped the location out for the following day for Sonya to do some interviews.

The first day we only had time for the convention center, which houses young contemporary (I would call it juniors) and men’s and women’s shoes. The young contemporary looked like a shitty swap meet, the shoe section was interesting and a fun place to start. From the ground up in essence. It made the fall trends very apparent:

  • velvet
  • navy
  • lace
  • grunge/90’s inspired
  • flowers

Those where the trends I first spotted in shoes at Magic. I don’t necessary care for all those trends, but they were hard to miss that day at the convention center. Instead I was drawn to funky dark pieces that would pair well with cotton candy pink handbags I later feel in love with. My favorite shoe brand was Schutz  and favorite shoe were these Eugene Riconneaus paint splattered booties

After the shoe section, we quickly went through Young Contemporary. The only designer that caught our eye was Tommy Secosky the designer for Shrine, a label based out of LA. An interesting thing happened to my senses while being overwhelmed repetitively with the same shitty styles, was anything unique at the convention stood out like a bat to the face. Tommy’s designs did just that, hit hard and left a mark. Perhaps at first glance one might scan over  his designs and write them off as “too costume-y” but if you apply your stylistic thumb and envision them with a cute skinny ripped denim and white tee, or over a simple Banana Republic shift, these pieces are ment to make a statememt and add value to any wardrobe.  Still this lavender set, and Tommy’s collection are the only thing that sill resonated with me.


Shrine’s styles also were a fresh take on one of the hottest trends I saw, the military jacket:

6pm concluded the show, and we went back to our suite and changed for dinner and the award winning show Le Reve voted “Best Production in Vegas” for 6 consecutive years) at the Wynn theatre.

Tuesday Night:


That night after my boss went to bed, I was restless. My tummy was full of delicious crab legs and champagne, and head and heart full from my first Vegas show so I decided to go for a stroll down the Wynn Esplanade and just look at the windows of some of my favorite designers…. Chanel, Givenchy, Prada.

And the Prada window stopped me in my insouciant amble!

Those pink purses were a perfect vision to end my dreamy first day at Magic!



I got my boss a few of her favorite items and set outside her room to surprise her in the morning… Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel most at home 🙂 Meanwhile, I was very thankful to get to wake up slow and participate in one of my favorite hobbies-waking up slow, watching tv, and having a big breakfast!

Again around 3pm we made it to Magic, this time to the Mandalay Bay section of it. Sonya did a few interviews for her blog, and we were done for the day!

The three of us had dinner at the Red 8 at the Wynn, then went to the Magic after party at The Light. The “after party” was absolutely awful. Too crowed, full of creeps and the music was nothing to brag about. None the less it was interesting to learn what the “after party” was like. After attending it, I think most people that are attending Magic are exhausted from working and aren’t interested in an after party. Dually noted for the next trip.


The last day of the convention we went to Sourcing, which is the manufacturing aspect of the convention, geared more toward developed designers who are looking for textiles  and new global supply chains.

Sourcing closed at 4pm, so we arrived just before it was shutting down. But it gave us a fun experience at the Bellucy handbag booth. As we were walking by, they were shouting “All handbag’s $40!”  A pink handbag caught my eye, and my heart just like the pink Prada had earlier! My sweet boss got it for me, and what a steal because after finding it on their website here, it retails at $332. It will be an ideal briefcase as I get more professional this year 🙂

Also at the booth I met the most stylish person at Magic, Carlos Long from I.M.A.G.E art studio in Brooklyn New York


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