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A Letter To Myself

I’ve always known I would create a timeless blog, but the aspect I’ve been most pensive about has been what the first post would be… Not that all content will be that serious, but it seems fitting that I start off with something insightful. When I couldn’t decide what that heartfelt thing should be, I diverted to the calm head of my husband who always seems to have the answer. He coolly looked up from his own writing and said, “Since writing letters is going to be such an important part of your future, why don’t you write a letter?” “Of course I mumbled to myself….”  but it only seemed fitting to write the letter to myself…

 January 7th 2017, Saturday @4:28PM

   Dearest Taylor,

I know December 2016 was mentally one of the hardest times of your life, and for that I am truly sorry. I say mentally, because you are so strong when it comes to physical pain, but laying in bed in pain, day after day after day not knowing the cause was exasperating. Taking time off from work and feeling like you were letting your team down was awful, but like your husband keeps saying, “You’re JJ Watt, baby. Even the world’s greatest have to take a season off sometimes. Don’t worry, you both will come back even stronger because of this. A force to be reckoned with.” So dear Taylor, using the same saying that got you through high school, just remember-“This too shall pass.”

You gave a lot in 2016, so don’t beat yourself up. You gave your time, (Wednesday nights almost all year volunteering at Feeding America San Diego) Thursday nights to the community, and you gave yourself to the man of your dreams. Perhaps that was as much giving as your body could do, before it had to do some taking. The most vivid part of this health journey I can recall was sitting in a work meeting with my entire team, it was the first meeting where we were all back (a teammate had been out on medical leave) and I stated that I was not well, and I hadn’t been for some time. That I was going to begin to focus on resolving this health issue.. Saying that I was not well aloud for the first time still strikes me as the most vivid, even through all this excruciating pain.. So it began, doctor appointments, blood begin drawn, more stress, more pain, worst eating and the snowball kept growing as it rolled down the hill that was December 2016. Most mornings, hell, almost every morning I woke up in pain. So dear Taylor, I write you this as a reminder that you gave so much last year, continue to give but do not feel bad about taking this time out in your life to get your health squared away. It was something that had to get done in your life, and this was the ideal place and time. Believe that. Now you will rebuild, dear Taylor. Your foundation will be solid, now you can build your skyscraper. Your business acumen has been developed, your love life set, your passion for philanthropy birthed, and San Diego will hence forth be your home.  My dearest Taylor, you will go forth and build your skyscraper on those values and it will name itself, please don’t worry so much and believe in yourself as much as your friends and family do. You will be great and if you ever doubt, or loose your way, come back and read this letter. You’re the fucking best, and I’ll see you at the top dear Taylor.quote

Love Always,





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